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BBC (Bali Classic Center)

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) was one of the greatest Places to visit during your holiday and during your study tour.

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) location at Ubud and this is a special Tourism Park with the special art design full of Rice Field view, river view and fresh air natural.

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) as we called Bali Mini was one of the tourism park and it is describe about the whole Bali with detail (involves many kind of Balinese cultures, Balinese dances, Balinese handicrafts and also about the Balinese life activities.

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) starting operation on the 9th September 2005 and it has been born by one of the Balinese man from Gianyar.
His name is PANDE KETUT KRISNA and he was the owner from GALUH BATIK at Batu Bulan.

With the heart full of art from Mr. PANDE KETUT KRISNA than come all of the ideas to build Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini. The high heart desire to build Tourism Place especially for Balinese Culture because he still has a values from Balinese Culture which is not jet being showing in this Paradise Island. Because of that desire than Bali Classic Centre has been born with total area Cultural Tourism around 5 ha.

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini has 85 staff this is including the staff for Balinese gamelan, the dancer, and the special painter.

This Tourism Culture Park has been born to help the government education regarding
Balinese Culture, to introduce and to promote the real Balinese Culture to the people around the World, around Indonesia and especially for the people in Bali.

This culture education also good for the students around Indonesia and especially students in Bali starting from Play Group until University to have more knowledge about Balinese Culture and can make cross culture to promote our Balinese Culture with another students around the World.

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini has describes and explains about the Puppet Show and show the value History from Hinduism.
There is many Balinese culture can describe at this place. The building at Bali Classic Centre (BCC) has a special character and original architecture from Bali.

Bali Classic Centre has a special Tour Package as we called Tour Destination. Tour Destination will describe how to see the Balinese Life Activities. After Tour Destination the visitor will visit Miniature to see Pitra Yadnya (Cremation Ceremony) and Manusia Yadnya (Tooth Filling).

A Special Menu will offer at the Restaurant from this Tourism Culture Park could make your time at this culture park will be complete, especially our Waitress and Waiter will serve you during your lunch or dinner and offer you a special drink. You could enjoy your lunch and gala dinner at this place.

Besides of Tour Destination, Lunch, Gala Dinner we could offer our venue for a special graduation event from the Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and University.

This Tourism Culture Park as we called Bali Mini has a special venue for Fun Games Traditional, Outing, and in this special venue the visitor could take many kinds of interesting games and especially for the students, this special venue could make for games, and also special activities regarding Study Introduction.

Special benefit you will get during your visit at Bali Mini that we will present our Balinese Performances with our special dancer to your entire program at Bali Mini (tour destination, lunch, dinner etc.)

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini, has a special Wedding Package with Balinese
Special Ceremonial and it is wonderful when you have your wedding at this place with a special garden area with a full natural fresh air and a special procession will take you from the make up area to the ceremonial place. Please do not miss it.

One thing that you will always remember Bali Classic Centre that we do have a special welcome procession (starting from the parking place to the lobby area with minimum 10 pax).

Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini has many kinds of Welcome Procession starting from 10 pax visitor and we do have Standard Welcome Procession, Semi Exclusive Welcome Procession and Exclusive Welcome Procession. This all type of Welcome Procession will never make you forget about us.

sumber : http://www.baliclassiccenter.com/main/

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